The road to Diamond calves: Calfs explained

Calfs are infamous for being the hardest muscle to grow due to the fact that we are constantly using them everyday for both walking and stabilization. However there are ways of adjusting your training to promote maximum musculature hypertrophy, but first we need to know the anatomy as well as what the various calf muscles... Continue Reading →

Intelligent Bulking

The process of manipulating your body through exercise and nutrition is undoubtedly a science. Our fitness journeys are merely ongoing scientific experiments we are conducting on ourselves. Therefore, we can use the scientific method to actually come pretty close to figuring out our perfect macronutrient rations in order to facilitate muscle hypertrophy while minimizing fat... Continue Reading →

How to spot correctly

Spotting in weight or resistance training, is the act of supporting another person during a particular exercise andis used for 2 things: It is used to help the person performing the lift (the lifter) get the absolute most out of his set by making it possible for him to do forced reps. It is used to ensure the safety... Continue Reading →

How to increase your metabolic rate

When researching the topic of increasing your metabolic rate I was inundated with lists of tips and tricks to boost your metabolism, one of which said I could increase my metabolic rate by up to 65% by following what they prescribed. However in these articles no base line was established, leading me to believe the... Continue Reading →

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